Climate Scorecard

Get a clear view of transition risk across your portfolio

Precise and actionable insight 


Prioritize the industries, geographical regions, and property types requiring deeper analysis based on the level of climate transition risk

Climate forecasts

Get access to annual climate risk projections up to 2050 for each industry and property type.

Understand transition drivers

Gain insight into the factors driving your risk scores so your teams can quantify climate risk.

Regulatory alignment

Automatically updated quarterly and aligned with industry standards (NGFS & PCAF), giving you confidence in regulatory compliance.

Scorecard CRE


Analyze climate risks for:
  • Commercial & Industrial (C&I) portfolio across all industries with material emissions, at both 4-digit and 6-digit NAICS levels.
  • Commercial Real Estate (CRE) portfolio for up to nine property types across all 50 U.S. states.
Create Scenarios


Create and apply your own custom macro-economic scenarios with OakNorth’s library of 20+ variables to generate a forward-looking view
  • Conduct analysis from the overall portfolio and sector level down to the industry (L5 NAICS) and borrower level
  • Give your teams the data and tools they need to identify the sources of risk and the underlying drivers behind it
  • Create configurable scenarios that reflect your internal economic outlook
  • Make informed decisions about the risks and opportunities in your loan book based on the anticipated macro-economic shifts


Evaluate the drivers that underpin each industry’s transition risk score
  • Benchmark existing internal climate risk assessments.
  • Identify which industries and property types to focus on, using climate scenarios including those required by the Fed’s Climate Scenario Analysis.
  • Explainable and defensible insight with detailed analysis to accompany RAG status and drivers.
Scorecard CI
High Risk Sectors


Prioritize and rank borrowers, segmenting credits from high to low risk
  • Instantly segment your portfolio and rate loans based on vulnerability to address potential credit issues
  • Identify high-risk industries in your loan book, investigate further, and support your borrower-level view of industry-specific risk
  • Build borrower relationships with a more detailed assessment of their specific industry’s projected performance
  • Get projections of how a borrower would perform under various scenarios at a financial metric level
  • Formulate a targeted risk mitigation strategy for better capital allocation
Scorecard-mockup (1)


Demonstrate tangible ROI quickly
  • Our starter scorecard plan is offered free of charge, giving banks the opportunity to generate ROI quickly and at no cost.
  • Our scorecard is designed to be incorporated into your existing risk management frameworks, ensuring a smooth transition and implementation.

Scorecard Plans


C&I scores
NAICS 4-digit only
20 industries
CRE scores
3 property types
10 U.S. states
Net Zero 2050
Time horizons


C&I scores
NAICS 4-digit and 6-digit
All industries
CRE scores
5 property types
25 U.S. states
Net Zero 2050
Current policies
Time horizons
2024, 2030, 2050


C&I scores
NAICS 4-digit and 6-digit
All industries
PLUS risk drivers write-up for each industry
CRE scores
9 property types
All 50 U.S. states
PLUS risk drivers write-up for each state
Net Zero 2050
Current policies
Time horizons
2024, 2025, 2026, 2030, 2040, 2050


Take preventive action to continue confidently lending and supporting borrowers through economic cycles
  • Identify the macroeconomic variables that have the greatest impact on your loan book
  • Identify the industries and borrowers that contribute the most to changes in performance
  • Make targeted decisions through a nuanced forward-looking view of industry-specific risk
  • Support borrowers through turbulent cycles with a more detailed forward-looking view of their industry’s projected performance

ON Scenario Analysis Product Tour


Get a personalized tour to see how ON Scenario Analysis provides a range of scenarios to identify risk up to 12 months earlier, all with a consistent view across your portfolio, sectors, industries, and borrowers.

The Ultimate Guide: Commercial Lending & Scenario Analysis

Discover what it means to plan for market risk and support borrowers through any economic environment with a best-in-class scenario analysis framework that drives action and results.

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