ON Climate
Annual Time Horizons

Analyze and compare climate transition impact on annual time horizons


Functionality available only with ON Climate

With ON Climate’s groundbreaking update, a market first, banks can be ready with transition risk impact analysis today, aligned with the US Federal Reserve’s expectations. In accordance with the latest Fed guidelines, banks can now assess climate risk impact (financed emissions and transition risk) on their loan portfolio from 2023 to 2050, annually at a borrower, industry, sector, and portfolio level.

ON Climate enhances reporting efficiency and provides valuable insights

PI_Icons_Monitor_Bench Report

Report financed emissions trajectory on annual basis to stakeholders.

PI_Icons_Create Create Create emission abatement curves on an annual basis for TCFD reporting.
PI_Icons_Credit_Monitoring Analyze Understand and extract transition risk-adjusted financials at annual time horizons for credit risk analysis.

Educate stakeholders and adjust climate strategy

ON Climate enables banks to:
  • Understand how climate risk impacts their portfolio (both in the short term and long term).
  • Incorporate climate risk in day-to-day credit processes.
  • Define an optimal strategy for external climate reporting.
Transition risk analysis
Instantly compare transition risk progress year-over-year and understand changes over the loan duration
  • Identify high-risk migration borrowers and prioritize them for reviews.
  • Identify sectors/industries that move to high risk over the portfolio tenure and decide lending strategies.
  • Identify lending potential of high-risk borrowers that move to low risk over the next 4-5 years.
  • Generate risk heatmaps to showcase transition risk migration over time horizons for your reporting needs.

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