Economic Cycles

Effectively navigate upside opportunities and protect the downside irrespective of major turns in the cycle

Confidently lending through economic cycles


In a downturn, it can prove challenging for banks to continue confidently lending to businesses. OakNorth Credit Intelligence provides banks with the ability to protect downside risk and effectively manage credit exposure irrespective of turns in the cycle, as well as play for the upside, sourcing new opportunities to lend at a time when many peers may be withdrawing from the market.

PI_Icons_Machine Learning ACTIONABLE INTELLIGENCE Take a risk-based approach to action and continue confidently lending through the cycle without a start/stop approach.
PI_Icons_partner TRUSTED PARTNER Support customers through tough economic times and they undoubtedly become the most loyal. 
PI_Icons_Bottoms_Up PROFITABLE GROWTH Focus on playing for the upside as well as protecting the downside irrespective of turns in the cycle.

"As bankers, we know the clients you support in the tough times and during the cycles like we are in currently, often become your most loyal. So, OakNorth’s (Credit Intelligence) ability to help us gain clarity on the challenges our clients are facing and what level of support they need, and when, will be critical for our business over the next 18-24 months."

Daryl Moore
EVP Chief Credit Officer, Old National Bank

Actionable intelligence

Our solution enables banks to incorporate scenario analysis, historical trends, and peer performance into the monitoring and annual review process. This enables you to take a risk-based approach to action and continue confidently lending through cycles without a start/stop approach.

Trusted partner

There will inevitably be peaks and troughs in business – the banks that prove to customers that they are there for them and will continue supporting them through both the good times and the more challenging, will build long-term loyalty.

Profitable growth

With continuous monitoring and the capacity to rapidly model multiple scenarios, our solution enables banks to more accurately manage  capital requirements and lend confidently throughout the entire economic cycle.

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