OakNorth Credit Intelligence

A new paradigm that’s redefining commercial credit

Credit Intelligence is a data-driven technology – a new market paradigm – that gives lenders a detailed, 360° view of the borrower based on historical data and, critically, a comprehensive forward-looking view using automated, continuous analysis of multiple drivers across the business, its peer group, and the wider economy. This provides an independent, consistent, detailed framework offering deep contextual insight and enables rapid underwriting, immediate stress testing and more agile and targeted strategic lending, with lower risk.

Welcome to intelligent credit

Breaking with the past

Loan underwriting traditionally relies on a largely historical view, using relatively limited financial models to simulate cash flow and test the ability of the business to meet repayments. This is augmented by peer group analysis, comparing a prospective borrower with similar businesses to establish expectations for future performance. However, a bad experience with a particular sector could put the credit officer, relationship manager or indeed, the entire bank off the idea of ever lending to a similar business again. This limits opportunity and makes it hard to accurately assess and re-assess the loan book: an area that regulators are paying increasing attention to. Credit Intelligence is different.

The science of credit

Based on a deep, contextual insight specific to each borrower and their business, allowing you to lend to a much wider market with confidence and at lower risk. You gain a continuous underwriting view of your loan book, giving your people the right information exactly when they need it. You can make decisions up to ten times faster than with traditional lending models.

Born from a bank

Built and tested over five years by a team of software engineers, data scientists, and credit experts, OakNorth Credit Intelligence (ONci) has propelled OakNorth in the UK into the top 1% of commercial banks globally in terms of ROE, efficiency ratio and Net Promoter Score. OakNorth loan's have directly helped with the creation of tens of thousands of new homes and jobs across the UK, and added several billion pounds to the economy. The Bank was able to continue confidently lending throughout both Brexit and the withdrawal process that followed, and COVID-19, with only 15 cumulative defaults since inception.

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