ON Industries

Industry insight with impact

A mighty dataset for commercial banking


It's time for a completely different, forward-looking view of future industry performance, drawn from one of the largest commercial lending data sets in the market. OakNorth's growing dataset represents over $550B of data across Commercial & Industrial lending including automotive, agriculture, energy, industrial, manufacturing, construction sectors, and more.

ON Industries Reports

ON Industries is a five-part report series created by OakNorth Credit Intelligence that analyzes key industries, providing commercial bankers with a detailed and powerful forward-looking view of each industry’s drivers and performance.

Insights you can't get anywhere else

Get granular industry insights to make sure you are always ahead of the curve and prepared to take proactive and corrective measures.

PI_Icons_Granular_Level The smaller the detail, the greater the value Analyses at a broad sector level lack the insight needed to really understand the impact and trends at the individual borrower level. ON Industries will uncover previously hidden drivers of industry's projected financial health, providing you with the information needed to report, recommend priority actions, and react with confidence.
PI_Icons_Foward_Looking_View Forward-looking view Forward-looking view on climate risk impact on the industry's downstream activities. Understand the drivers that will affect the revenue and margins of borrowers in this industry.
PI_Icons_Carbon Impact of carbon mitigation technologies Understand the knock-on effect of carbon mitigation technologies across the industry value chain and learn how banks should address this from a risk management perspective.